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Tax Issues for Household Employers

Tax Issues for Household Employers

If you pay for household help, you may be liable for the "nanny tax," even if your employee is not a nanny, per se. The nanny tax refers to three federal employment taxes that household employers may have to pay for their domestic workers — Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment taxes. If you hire someone to work in or around your home, you'll need to know what federal income tax issues (if any) apply, and what forms may be required. Although you may have to withhold and pay federal employment taxes in certain cases, you won't have to withhold federal income tax from your household employees' wages (unless you choose to do so).

Your Business Roadmap: Do you have a plan in place?

Your Business Roadmap:  Do you have a plan in place?

Become enlightened and establish your North Star

A budget is the first step in actively managing the financial health of a company and establishing reasonable goals for the budget period. The first budget exercise is often the most enlightening and difficult. It is a worthwhile, but time-consuming undertaking. Determining the most basic inputs (revenues) and outputs (expenses) can shed considerable light on the operations and help management assess where money should and should not be spent.